Wanderer in May (2018)

for string quartet

This piece originated in May 2018. Driven by my personal fascination with Western string instruments and influenced by the fact that many of my closest friends from high school and college were string players, these instruments gradually became my "native language." Consequently, I decided to utilize the language I am most familiar with to capture the restlessness of summer. There is a line I have written on the front page of the score - ‘Wandering in May, between dream and reality.’ I aim for listeners to discover a serene coolness amid the chaos and sense an undercurrent of disorder within the tranquility.



这首作品于2018年的五月开始创作。由于我曾经对西洋弦乐有着特别的感情以及中学/本科时期的挚友们都是弦乐演奏者,我逐渐对西洋弦乐的运用变得如母语般熟练,因此我选择了一种最熟悉的语言来记录下那个多舛的初夏。《五月的徘徊者》 是少数我保留为传统西洋弦乐所创作的作品,也是在我对艺术探索的道路上特具意义的作品。在作品的扉页中,我写道:“五月的徘徊者,游走在梦境与现实之间。”愿听众能从狂蹂中嗅出一丝宁静的寒冷;于祥和间感到一股难以消退的暗流涌动。