UNDER_ (2020)

for flute, electronics, and optional player piano

Seeking the essence is a crucial part to me. The “decorations” in the earthy life always cover my eyes, block my ears, and disturb my nose, so that I unconsciously indulge in and struggle with the flowery world. A famous statue in the Heart Sutra that “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” Under the gorgeous, debauched, or corrupted “decorations,” there is a hidden essence, which is buried deeply within human consciousness, the order of the world, and the “emptiness.” Like the Buddhist interpretation, emptiness does not only mean nothing or naught, but it is the carrier for everything and the space for the opposite of existing. However, we wouldn’t be noticed the emptiness without those “deco-rations.” Thus, we have to feel the energy of the emptiness with every single cell when our five senses are covered, and then the essence will seep out.

Under_  was born in 2020 from the ideas I mentioned above. This piece was written for Xiaoyu Lin who gave its first recording.

Selected Past Performances:

  • Xiaoyu Lin | International Computer Music Conference 2023 | CUHK-Shenzhen | 10/20/2023
  • Xiaoyu Lin and Blüthner Player Piano | Beijing Music Festival | 10/4/2023
  • Xiaoyu Lin | Hearing the Forgotten Sound | TRI Space Shanghai | 9/11/2022



寻找事物的本真是我生命中至关重要的事情。我常被尘世间的装饰蒙蔽了双眼,堵塞了双耳,干扰了鼻舌,以至于我时常浸淫,并且挣扎其当中不可自拔。心经中说到:“色不异空,空不异色;色即是空,空即是色。受、想、行、识便复如是”。在那些或绚烂,或颓靡,或腐烂的装饰底下,它们都有着同样的本真,便是人的心境,世间的规律; 便是“空”的存在。众所周知,佛家说的空并非简单的乌有,而是万物的载体,跟“有”相对并相互支持的空间。可是如果没有那些装饰,我们却很难直接感受到空的存在。于是乎在五官都被遮蔽的情况下,它们将会悄悄溢出。



  • 林笑语 | 2023国际计算机音乐大会 | 香港中文大学深圳 | 10/20/2023
  • 林笑语和博兰斯勒自动钢琴 | 北京国际音乐节 | 10/4/2023
  • 林笑语 | 后来我又听见那被遗忘的声音 | 上海第三空间 | 9/11/2022